What happens at church?

We want people to think deeply about the big questions of life. Above all, we want people to encounter and understand who the God of the Bible is.

On any Sunday at either of our church services (8.30am or 10am), you can expect the following:

  • Walk in! At the door you’ll be greeted and given a church ‘bulletin’, a piece of paper that gives news of upcoming events and what we are speaking about from the Bible during the service. If you have any questions, feel free to ask at the door.

  • You can sit anywhere you like. Seating is not reserved or segregated in any way. (We keep some toys in the very back for parents with littlies who need a bit of extra space.)

  • You do not need to be a believer or identify as Christian to attend any of our services. Visitors from all cultures, backgrounds, and social positions are welcome.

  • We sing, and the Bible is read out loud. We listen to a 20 minute teaching time, and someone prays during the service. Sometimes the words of the service may be found in a prayer book, other times you are invited to follow along and listen. Anything the congregation says together is printed on a screen or in a book.

  • Children of all ages are also welcome at our services, including babies and toddlers who might be noisy. We won’t be offended or ask you to leave if they make noise.

  • ‘Kidschurch’ runs during term times at our 10am service. Children come into church for the first ten minutes, and then leave together with two teachers. They go to the Hall where they participate songs, stories and activities at an age-appropriate level. All our kids leaders are trained and have passed NSW working with children checks. Your children are welcome to join in, or to stay with you in church. Please ask if you have any questions.

  • An area in our church hall is available for babies and their carers, if you need some privacy.

  • Once a month we hold ‘communion’ services. (If you’re Catholic, you might know this as something like ‘mass’.) Towards the end of the service, there is an opportunity for people to make their way towards the front of the church to have a small amount of bread and wine to remember what Jesus has done for us. You are welcome either to join in, or to decline and stay seated.

  • A collection of money is taken although we try to make this as discreet as possible and you do not need to give. Funds from all meetings are used to support the ministry work of our church, as well as Christian ministry work around Australia and abroad.

  • You are very welcome to have a complimentary tea, coffee and something to eat after the service in our church hall. If you have questions, this is a good time to talk to the service leader or the minister. You can also meet other people who come to church here in Kangaroo Valley.