Kangaroo Valley Anglican Church - Believe.Belong.Begin.
Usual Sunday Service Times

We have two services held every Sunday all through the year. We have begun a series of talks recently on 'Celebrating God's Gifts' at both services, which will culminate with celebrating Jesus' birth for us.   
This is a traditional Anglican service using the Australian prayer book. The Bible is read and explained each week. We also sing hymns and pray. The service takes about an hour. 

This is an all-ages service. 
We sing Christian songs together, read God's word, and have the Bible explained. We pray for our world, our KV community and each other. After being prayed for, kids and teenagers can leave the service to go to our Kidschurch which is run by our trained teachers in our hall. The whole service takes about an hour.   

On the first Sunday of each month we share in the Lord's Supper together at both services.

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